We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their contribution to this project:-

Historic Scotland - Research Funding, C14 dating programme and small finds conservation

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - Research Funding

National Museums of Scotland - Assistance with post-excavation analysis and small finds photography

LEADER+ - Funding for website, geophysics and technology

Highland Council - Funding for website, geophysics and technology

Highland 2007 Fund - Geophysical survey, specialists meeting & seminar, and post-excavation analysis

University of Durham - Animal bone, charred plant remains and isotope analysis

University of Edinburgh - Fish bone, marine mollusc, tephra analysis, pollen analysis, burnt bone, human remains, osteological analysis of bone tools and analysis of geological samples

University of Glasgow - Gastropod (land snail) analysis

University of Bradford - Archaeometallurgy and isotope analysis

University of Stirling - Thin Section Micromorphology

NERC: Isotope Geosciences Laboratory - Isotope analysis

University of London - Isotope geology

Ann MacSween - Pottery analysis

Marion O’Neill - Small finds illustration

Tim Lawson & Ivan Young - Cave Morphology & geomorphology survey

Chris Gleed-Owen - Amphibian & reptile bone analysis

Mike Cressey (CFA Archaeology Ltd) - Charcoal analysis

Stratascan Ltd - Geophysical survey

Hitch n Hike (Derbyshire) - Caving equipment

Hydrotec Ltd (Leicestershire) - Caving & surveying equipment

Jans Mica Hardware (Skye) - Site equipment

Scottish Natural Heritage - Access arrangements

Highland Council Planning Department - Planning Consents

SEERAD - Access arrangements

Highland Council Archaeology Unit (Inverness)

Mr. Norman Stoddart (Kilbride House) - Access arrangements

Broadford Environmental Group, Skye

Royal Bank of Scotland

Sabhal Mor Ostaig (UHI), Sleat, Skye

Strath Print, Broadford, Skye

AOC Archaeology Group, Edinburgh - Laser Scanning Survey and Processing of Contour Survey Data

University of Cardiff - Animal Bone Analysis (Fiskavaig Rock Shelter)

In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals for supporting the project:

Noel Fojut, Patrick Ashmore, Rod McCullagh, John Raven, Laura Hindmarch, Fiona Ashmore, Andrea Smith, Simon Gilmour, Fraser Hunter, Andrew Kitchener, Dawn MacLaren, Trevor Cowie, Alan Saville, Marion O’Neill, Claire Hannah, John MacDonald, Mary Carmichael, Peter Rowley-Conwy, Carrie Drew, Ruby Ceron-Carrasco, Anthony Newton, Laura Sinfield, Claire Pannell, Gerry McDonnell, Ian Simpson, Jo MacKenzie, Ann MacSween, Tim Lawson, Ivan Young, Alan Jeffreys, Chris Gleed-Owen, Mike Cressey, David Mattey, Emma Horton, Janet Montgomery, Jane Evans, Amanda Jay, Shaun Puckering, Alan King, Kirsty Cameron, David Hodgson, Susan Morre, Sarah Ward, Alan Duffield, John Phillips, Kath MacSweeney, Sheena Fraser, Fiona McGibbon, Julia Gerken, Sandy Finlay, Steven Varwell, Karen Phillips, Carlotta Graham and Jacqui Mulville.

Our special thanks to Kevin McKenzie (fileanta) for producing this wonderful website, Ivan Young for allowing us permission to use digital images taken in High Pasture Cave, Skye & Lochalsh Drystone Walling Association for the use of their marquee during the Open Days and to Norman & Biddy Stoddart of Kilbride House for providing access to the archaeological site and supporting the project.

Our special thanks are also due to the site volunteers listed below. They have all made a significant contribution to the project:

Ann Kibby, Mike Kibby, Geoff Stephenson, Charles Burney, Alistair McNicol, Graham Parry, Sally Parry, Hector Rogers, James Wildgoose, Margaret Moody, Jennifer Barnet, Gemma Cruickshanks, Simon Gunn, Neil McRae, Susan Harris, Laura Sinfield, Sandra Pratt, Meike Schmidt, Roddy Ross, Ann Ross and their daughter Morven, Morag Foster, Marika and Vic Dragotti, Ann Wakelin, Hellen Grunefeld, Duncan Aitken, Liz Donelli, Terry Williams, Ian Suddaby, Myra MacDonald, Emma Miles, Pat, Shirley, Rab, Hazel McFarlane, Shiela Duthie, David Marquardt, Christine Yuill, Shiela Young, Birnie , Kath Small, Marlene Sayer, Bob, Kath, David McGlone, Catriona Graham, Sandra Pratt, Laura Sinfield, Gail Scobie, Lynn Fraser, Nicola McGaughey, Thomas Shepherd, Tom Elliot, Francis Ross, Susy Shearer, James Walker, Sam Hopper, Darren Souter, Daryl Souter, Jayne Souter, Sophie Laidler, Jim Belcher, Carol Dickson, Helen Griffiths, Louise Gamble, Georgia Davies, Sandra Mulligan, Calum Henderson, Zara Cameron, Arthur, Susan Watkins, Anne Gilbraith, John Seal, Carol Seal, Amanda Plaas, David Emmans, John Hayward, Jessica Whelan, Billy MacRae, Hamish, Dawn Ogston, Jennifer Graham, Siobhan Peters, Trina Rogerson, John Rogerson, Katharine McMillan, Natasha Wasylko, Emilie Bronchain, Samir Atmane, Kathryn MacIver, Rachel, Iain Marchant, Kenny Brouwers, Michiel Peterson,Yoran Kremer, Jo Morris, Lorenzo Lane, Bryonie Mahe, Anna MacQuarrie, Rob MacDonald & Family, Tom Jamieson, Stephanie Glover, Rosina Kasimierzka, Matt Williams, Morgan Hancock, Ann Marie-Peckham, Sara Al-Haddad, Erin Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Jamie Henderson, Chris Butterworth, Barry Butterworth, Lachlan McKeggie, Maxine Paterson, Gwennoline Mercier, Mike Corcoran, Ed Goad, George Lomas, Jayne McCann, Philip Miles, Christine Clephan, Ewan MacNeilage, Andrew Hendry, Katie Killick, Callum Dougan, Gerard Bourgin, Lindsay and Ruth, Mathieu Vandergucht, Zoe Sherd and Diane Lawson.


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