15th May 2005 - Granite Pebble Grinder and Deposits of Animal Bone from Trench 2

Posted by steven on 15/05/2005 at 06:16 PM

Read on for news of finds made during this weeks excavations in Trench 2.

With the excavations in Trench 2 getting closer to the original entrance into Bone Passage, we have started to recover well-preserved deposits of animal bone. Initial identifications suggest that pig, red deer, goat/sheep and cattle are present within the assemblage, and it is anticipated that the next few days of excavation of the entrance feature will produce significant amounts of this material.

The image above shows animal bone deposits from context C216, Trench 2 after cleaning. The bone is well-preserved from this context, although it shows signs of butchery in the form of cut marks and breakage to extract marrow. The image below shows the granite pebble grinding tool.

A fine pebble grinding tool was also recovered from this context, the first to be found in the layers below the clay layer. The two ground facets can be clearly seen in the image. Finds in general however, have been sparse in the contexts below the clay layer, the only other major find being a large fragment of a saddle quern stone.

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