Laser Scanning at High Pasture Cave

Posted by steven on 23/10/2008 at 08:58 AM

Follow the link for details of the laser scanning survey recently undertaken at the High Pasture Cave site by AOC Archaeology Group.....

With excavations now completed in Bone Passage at High Pasture Cave, we have removed all of the infrastructure from the cave including lighting and cctv cameras and their associated wiring, and the floor boarding put in place to aid our excavations. And because we will be undertaking excavations of the stairwell structure at the site during 2009, our final fieldwork season at the site, we have commissioned a laser scanning survey of the stairwell, Bone Passage and the junction with the main streamway.

The image above shows Gemma scanning the stairwell

The survey was undertaken by Graeme Cavers and assistant Gemma from AOC Archaeology Group in Edinburgh, during the 7th and 8th October. Because the combined stairwell and natural cave are complex and would be almost impossible to draw in any detail (with the exception of sections and profiles that Martin has completed over the past five years), the scanning was commissioned to provide a full 3-D survey of these features.

Graeme and Total Station in Bone Passage

The survey proved to be a challenge for Graeme and Gemma due to the constricted nature of some of the cave passage and the steepness of the stairwell. However, from the preliminary results I had the chance to see on the laptop computer during the survey, the finished product is eagerly anticipated.

Calibration sphere’s set up in Bone Passage

Due to the complexity of the stairwell and cave passages, numerous set-ups and base stations were required. However, with such accurate equipment, a powerful software package and the expertise of the operators, a good coverage of the features was achieved. The data from the survey, once processed by Graeme and Gemma, will allow us to see the features of the stairwell and cave passages in glorious 3-D detail and will allow us the opportunity to take a virtual fly-through, calculate volume of the features (which will allow us to estimate the amount of archaeological deposits we have removed during our work at the site) and reconstruct individual floors in Bone Passage and their associated finds. Eventually, we hope to place the 3-D images and models resulting from the data on this website.

Gemma undertaking the scanning work in the cave at the junction of the ramp leading from Bone Passage, where it meets the main streamway

During the winter months we will be updating the website with specialists reports, digital images of finds and hopefully pdf versions of our Data Structure Reports covering the past 5 years - so visit again soon.

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